About us


Alaverdi Restaurant: the flavours of a childhood spent in Tbilisi, an atmosphere of a special hospitality with a Georgian accent and the best expressions of century-old feasting traditions.

In my career as a restaurateur, there have been many establishments serving various national cuisines: Italian, Mexican, Asian... And yet my dream has always been opening a Georgian restaurant. I spent my childhood in Tbilisi, and love for this city is something that I have been cherishing in my heart throughout my life.

Street. I recall the market, hidden away in the yards surrounding the Philharmonic Hall, where Grandfather showed me how to choose fresh suluguni cheese and the best matsoni. I recall the legendary cookbook by Sulakvelidze, recipes from which were first cooked by my mum and later by my wife.

I recall women scurrying to and fro, from the kitchen to the table and back again, during our family feasts. Their light feet and strong yet gentle hands are still the foundation and symbol of the continuity of traditions.

Everything I have observed speaks of an affinity between the food cultures of Italy and Georgia ‒ from ingredients to the temperament with which the actual meals are cooked. The difference is in the spicing and seasoning alone. I opened an Italian restaurant in Riga some time ago; now is the time to fulfil my old dream and the promise I had given my wife. I am immensely happy to share my Georgia with you!

Ruben Panasian, the Locale and Alaverdi restaurants


A set of rules, born from our experience, to help you enjoy your meal to the full.

1. Authenticity of flavour.
Our main principle is maximum authenticity of flavour of the ingredients and a contemporary approach to serving them. We use only natural and fresh products ‒ the purest and finest ingredients of amazing wealth of nourishment.
2. Traditional recipes.
Our menu is a showcase of the Georgian culinary heritage. It features a wealth of home-made sauces‒ satsebeli, tkemali, bazha ‒ as well as traditional Georgian cheeses and bread, home-made cornel fruit, walnut and fig jam and soft drinks, also home-made.
3. This is our home.
Alaverdi Restaurant is our home, and the guests visiting our home are our friends. It is imperative for us to make sure you enjoy a sense of home comfort – to greet and entertain you with the special Georgian brand of hospitality, evoking a sweet nostalgia for Georgia, even if you are yet to travel to this land.
4. The Chef.
Without Chef Shota Mudzhirishvili, there would be no Alaverdi Restaurant. The personality of the chef is extremely important in Georgian cuisine. Georgian mothers are known to make an imprint of their hand on the bread they bake for their sons. Just like that, each dish on our menu bears an imprint from the light of Shota’s soul.


The preparation and partaking of food is a sincere conversation between two people without the help of words.